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on an equal footing

Thomas Heim-

Thomas Heim

Mayor of Ratten, district of Weiz, Styria

I am personally in favour of supporting and developing every form of renewable energy. However, we must always take objections seriously and discuss these objectively. In the case of Steinriegl wind farm, we kept our citizens fully informed, which explains the high level of acceptance.

Right at the beginning of the first wind farm project, there was, of course, uncertainty and scepticism among some of the population, for example, among hunters. However, the opening ceremony for the wind farm was a festival for local citizens, and many people walk up to the turbines today on ‘energy hikes’.

Rudolf Hofbauer-

Rudolf Hofbauer

Mayor of Langenwang, Bruck-Mürzzuschlag district, Styria

Although there were still many people against wind power ten years ago, I experience very positive feedback today throughout the whole community. Out of the 4,000 inhabitants that live in our village, I only know a few who are against it. At the end of the day, we are a pioneering region in terms of climate and energy, and want to generate enough energy in our region to be self-sufficient by 2020. The wind farms in the Mürztal will help us achieve this goal.

People are always pro wind energy in our region. They’re proud of this clean form of energy. They’re proud of our electricity from the mountains.

Patriz Rechberger-

Patriz Rechberger

Mayor of Schachen near Vorau, Hartberg district, Styria

As far back as in 2005, our local council passed a fundamental decision concerning the use of wind energy. Our citizens are thrilled to have the Pongratzer Kogel wind farm and many say that the ‘home-generated’ wind power is a thousand times better than imported nuclear electricity.

The wind farm has since become a tourist magnet, attracting hordes of hikers, much to the delight of the mountain-hut owners. And the people who commute to Graz and back see the wind turbines as a kind of landmark that signifies their home-coming in the evening.

We involve you in the planning

We involve you in the planning
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