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Installation of Orjak wind farm

in the region of Omis, Croatia

The Orjak wind farm consists of five SENVION MM92 wind turbines and will be built in a region belonging to the town of Omis in Croatia, which is east of the city of Split. The turbines will be erected approximately 530 m above sea level on a mountain ridge running east to west, around 10 km north-east of Omis.

The wind farm has a total capacity of 10.25 MW, which will be connected to the grid at Kraljevac using a 13-kilometre-long 35 kV cable route.

Exceptionally bad weather conditions delayed the production of the foundations, with the work only being completed as the turbine parts arrived. However, the installation of the five wind turbines posed no problem. The interior fittings of the turbines and commissioning are currently in progress. Work on the grid connection is advancing at a good pace.

--> WF Orjak is in full operation, turbine´s performance is good and the expected annual yield will be met.
ECOwind was allowed to gain lot of experience abroad in many ways.

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