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Who is involved in the construction of a wind turbine?

The planning and preparation phase of a wind farm lasts for approximately 3 years. Landowners’ concerns must be accommodated and terms laid down in a contract. All the necessary permits and authorisation must be obtained. Wind data is measured on the site over a one-year period, enabling us to gain the best possible knowledge of the wind situation. Once this wind data has been evaluated, we decide which turbine is the most suitable and efficient solution for this particular site. After permission has been granted by the authorities of the relevant province, construction can begin. While the wind is being measured for a year, we begin the rough planning for the construction of the wind farm.

Prangl, the transport company, completed around 150 trips between the manufacturer in Germany to the loading/unloading site in Ratten (Styria). These trips included the transport of individual parts, as well as containers. At the loading/unloading site, parts were reloaded onto the automated guided trailer, which took them straight up to the wind farm. Prangl completed around 80 individual trips with the automated guided trailer, covering a distance of approximately 15 km between the loading/unloading site and the wind farm.

The wind turbines were installed by Enercon mechanics, who also carry out ongoing maintenance on the turbines. Checks and inspections are carried out by ECOwind employees.
Prangl cranes at the loading/unloading site zoom