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Energy self-sufficiency at the Kilb site

The idea of supplying the own agricultural operation with energy from a wind turbine, resulted in the foundation of the ECOwind company in 1995.
Own wind turbine since 1995-

Own wind turbine since 1995

With a power of 250 kW, 40 m tower height and a 33 m rotor diameter, the then largest and only fifth system in Austria was built in Kilb. This makes ECOwind one of the pioneers of wind power in Austria. ECOwind evolved from a local wind turbine supplier to a contemporary project developer and general contractor throughout Central Southeast Europe.
Biomass Heating-

Biomass Heating

To generate energy, 12 hectares of miscanthus are grown by the own organic agriculture, and then combusted in a 300 kW boiler. This process saves 80.000 litres of fuel oil, which equates to 248.800 kg of CO2.
10 kW peak photovoltaic system-

10 kW peak photovoltaic system

The site in Kilb comprises a 5 kW photovoltaic system that is permanently installed on the roof and updated with 5 kW tracker system.


In 2015, ECOwind purchased the first 100% electrically powered car. Meanwhile, we own two electric Tesla vehicles and two electric Hyundai vehicles. These electric vehicles are charged by the company′s own charging station that is equipped with seven charging points and located in front of the office building.

Our next goals

We plan to build a 160 kW photovoltaic open-space facility at the Kilb site at the end of 2019. To optimize self-consumption, the aforementioned will be supplemented by a Power to Heat System in 2020. By doing so, we will achieve a self-consumption rate of 95%.