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Christmas campaign in the ‘Kleine Zeitung’ newspaper

Guided tour of Steinriegel wind farm

The Christmas campaign in the Kleine Zeitung newspaper for the district of Weiz made a child’s dream come true every day in the run up to Christmas. Instead of gifting traditional Christmas packages, local companies organised activities and guided visits for the winners.

On 17 December, 9-year-old Tobias Wurm had the chance to visit the Steinriegel wind farm with his parents and sister, Katharina. Accompanied by one of our experts, project manager Matthäus Witek, Tobias gained an insight into the construction and functioning of a wind turbine.

The tour started in the old part of the wind farm on the Steinriegel, which began operation in 2005, and finished up in the new part comprising 11 new turbines, which were only commissioned this year. Tobias – who, incidentally, wants to be a wind turbine mechanic when he grows up – was fascinated by all the technological progress that has made such a big difference to turbines over the last few years.

Finally, Tobias was even allowed to start the turbine up himself – making this day truly a day to remember!

(Photos: Herwig Heran)
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