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Infrastructure and foundations

At the beginning of May 2014, construction work started on the Steinriegel II wind farm, located at an altitude of about 1600 m – making it one of Europe′s highest wind farms. The first construction steps included the construction of an access road. Existing roads were expanded and rebuilt and new roads were made to enable the transport of the individual parts. A temporary loading/unloading site was created in the village of Ratten, where all parts were unloaded from the lorry and onto the automated guided trailer, in order to for them to be brought to the wind farm via some very steep and narrow gravel tracks. The manoeuvrability of the Prangl automated guided trailer kept the need to expand forest tracks to a minimum.

We then began excavation for the wind turbine foundations, laying conduits for cables and pouring blinding concrete into the pit that we had excavated. After installing the anchor rings, adding the iron reinforcement cage and conducting a final check of the site, the concrete could be cast. After a precise period of curing, we could backfill the foundation, bringing the first construction phase to a close.
Temporary loading/unloading site in the village of Ratten zoom