Description of the project

ECOwind is the general contractor for the construction of Zagersdorf wind farm. The project is located in a region between the parishes of Zagersdorf, Draßburg and Klingenbach in Burgenland. The wind farm consists of 3 Enercon E-92 turbines with a total nominal capacity of 7.05 MW, a rotor diameter of 92 m and a hub height of 104 m. Access to Zagersdorf is in large part ensured by the existing access roads to the adjacent Baumgarten wind farm. Energy generated is transmitted via a 16-kilometre-long 20 kV cable connected to Mattersburg substation. The cable route primarily follows public roads belonging to the cadastral municipalities of Mattersburg, Marz, Zemendorf-Stöttera, Draßburg, Antau and Zagersdorf.

Current project status

The wind turbines are in operation and connected to Mattersburg substation.

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