Description of the project

ECOwind is the general contractor for the construction of the Herrenstein wind farm project in the Styrian mountains, once again confronting the challenges of this environment. The Herrenstein wind farm consists of six wind turbines installed on an approximately 1,400-metre-high ridge in an area belonging to the parish of Rettenegg, in the province of Styria. After taking over the project, amending project plans and reapplying for planning permission, ECOwind managed to increase the output of the wind farm to 19.95 MW.
The wind farm will be connected to the public grid at the Schachen substation by means of an approximately 18-kilometre-long cable route.

Current Project status

Herrenstein wind farm was successfully commissioned and has been in full operation since the beginning of July 2017. The construction site has been returned to its original state, with the finishing touches realized in spring 2018. The working relationship between landowners, neighbouring land owners, local citizens, investors and the authorities was outstanding during the installation phase and is expected to continue in a similar vein when the farm is in operation.

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