kW/h of green wind power
per year
KW/h solar power per year
tons of CO² saved
0 %
Energy self-sufficiency
at the site
Electric vehicle

We take responsibility

ARA climate certificate
Savings of 60 tonnes of CO² equivalents

Electricity from EVN Naturkraft
Electric energy exclusively from wind & hydropower

Conversion to e-stacker
We have 2 electric forklifts and 3 batteries so that we can make the best use of solar energy.

20 electric vehicles
With a company-owned e-charging station with 7 charging points at the office car park

Organic farming
Fully organic management of the 19 ha agricultural area for 15 years
Sustainable and pesticide-free environment

Energy self-sufficiency

Senior boss Johann Janker had the idea in the 1990s to supply the one farm with energy from its own wind turbine.

Energy from our own wind power

With an output of 250 kW, a tower height of 40 m and a rotor diameter of 33 m, the then largest and only fifth wind turbine in Austria was erected in Kilb. With this, we generate 500,000 kWh of green electricity per year This makes ECOWIND Handels- & Wartungs-GmbH one of the pioneers of wind power in Austria.


Energy from our own photovoltaics

The site in Kilb has 5 kW of photovoltaics fixed on the roof and over 5 kW trackersystem tracked.
With the end of 2019, a 160 kWp photovoltaic free-standing system was built. To optimize self-consumption, this will be supplemented by a power to heat system in 2020.
We will thus achieve a self-consumption of 95%.


Heat from our own miscanthus heating

At the company’s site in Kilb, 12 hectares of miscanthus are cultivated in organic farming, which is burned in a 300 kW boiler to generate energy. 

Energy management

The core task of the energy management is to control the flows of energy. It focuses on the following goals:

Energy management will help influence consumption in the following areas:
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