Wind and solar energy in one place

A 160 kWp photovoltaic system on undeveloped land

A 160 kWp photovoltaic system was built on an undeveloped 2800-square-metre site (fenced-in) with the possibility of expanding it to 200kWp.

The supports for the panels were driven into the ground, which avoided the need for soil sealing. Once the construction work was completed, the entire site was planted with flowers.

The energy produced by the PV system is used on the site and distributed to consumers via the energy management system. Excess energy is fed into the public grid as clean PV electricity.

Our own wind turbine on the Fohrafeld site

The fifth wind turbine in Austria was built in 1995 in Fohrafeld. A Lagerway 250 kW at the time, the wind turbine produced enough electricity for 70 homes. This was the pilot project that led to the launch of ECOwind Handels- & Wartungs-GmbH. 

Nine years later, the turbine on our premises was replaced by a Bonus 600 kW, which has been producing enough electricity for 150 homes ever since.

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