Windfarm in operation

All five plants are in operation and generate electricity

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Project site

The project site is located at an altitude between 1300m and 1430m, at the top of a heavily wooded mountain in the Fischbacher Alps, which belongs to the Styrian parishes of Stanz in Mürztal (Bruck-Mürzzuschlag district) and Fischbach (Weiz district).

The project site was designated a suitable zone in the Styrian Provincial Government’s decree of 20 June 2013, which enacted a development programme for wind energy

E-approval of the project

The original plans for the Fürstkogel wind farm, consisting of 6 Enercon wind turbines with a total capacity of 16.9 MW, were officially approved at the end of 2015. Due to the market and subsidy situation in Austria at the time, and the resulting difficulties implementing the project, the project plans were optimised and resubmitted for approval. Although plans now included 5 turbines instead of 6, the total capacity of the wind farm had increased to 17.25 MW. Planning permission has now been received for V126 turbines from Vestas, each with a capacity of 3.45 MW and a hub height of 117 m (turbines 1–4) and 137 m (turbine 5).

The wind farm will therefore have an annual output of around 45,000 megawatt hours of green electricity, which will supply some 13,000 households. The CO2 saving corresponds to approximately 30,000 tonnes.

Installation phase

Mid of May, the civil works contractor was able to get started in the project area. The company “Schuller Bau-u. Transport GesmbH” located in Buch-St.Magdalena / district Hartberg-Fürstenfeld received the order. Since the first contact in 2013, a strong, mutually valued cooperation has grown. Together, some challenging projects have been realized.

The civil works company was able to finalize transshipment point in the municipality Stanz in early May (the turbine components are stored here and transshipment to special equipment from company „Prangl“ is done, necessariliy to reach the windfarm site via it´s winding, narrow mountain path) The expansion of the access road, the wind farm internal paths and crane shelves including concrete foundations and the entire landscaping works complete the contractual scope of civil works company.

Around end of July, a partial handover to responsibles of the wind turbine manufacturer „Vestas“ was achieved.

WP Fürstkogel is connected to transformer station Birkfeld via a 16 km 20 kV underground cable connection. Even these demanding jobs have already been completed by our contractors.

Meanwhile, the last of the 5 wind turbines is under construction, after the internal completion works and countless checks of the motivated commissioning team, the plants are gradually handed over into operation.

As long as the weather allows, the civil works company is performing landscaping works. Crane shelves are re- covered with topsoil and landscaped, the terrain is shaped more homogeneous – this is a voluntary measure to which ECOwind committed itself in the approval phase. At the end of a complacent terrain contour is also restored in this wind farm, where only a gravel road leads to each wind turbine and a minimum crane pad remains graveled for servicing. Completion of landscaping and planting trees will be completed by spring 2020.

The extremely demanding terrain, the very tight schedule and the adverse weather conditions in the spring called for the project team around the ECOwind to the utmost. With reliable support of our construction planning, “Davitech GmbH – Ingenieurbüro für Kulturtechnik und Wasserwirtschaft” and the outstanding commitment of the team of Schuller Bau we where  able to meet the expectations placed on the project. Local co-operation with E-Werk Kindberg, the road maintenance companies, the forest enterprises and communities run in respectful coexistence. Together, the impairment of the population can be reduced to a bearable minimum.

Windfarm in operation

Slightly earlier than expected, windfarm Fürstkogel was partially put in operation. Commissioning phase and test run phase where followed by a technical turbine inspection. Civil works company „Schuller Bau“ is performing on well known high level, landscaping is more or less finished. In spring 2020 vegetation and trees will be planted.
ECOwind is proud to accompany that extraordinary project for many years in our operations management department.

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