Wind Energy

Our fields of expertise

Our fields of expertise cover a broad spectrum, including the search for a suitable site, project development and the turnkey installation of wind farms.

Project partners – who range from national energy suppliers to private stakeholders – can rely on us as a one-stop shop that covers every aspect of wind farm development, right up to project completion. This is what makes our company the only one of its kind in Austria

1. Choosing a site

The wind atlas is our most important tool when choosing a site. The land register, nature conservation constraints, the existing power grid and legal provisions also need to be taken into account when deciding on suitable wind farm sites.

2. Windmeasurement

Wind measurement is key in every wind farm project. This is why we only work with renowned Austrian companies and use state-of-the-art tools and measurement methods.

3. Detailed planning

This is the phase during which we decide which type of turbine to use. Working with local partners, we take into account the meteorological conditions, the requirements of the specific terrain and technical feasibility to determine the optimal location of the wind turbines, as well as the cable route for transporting the generated power from the turbine to the grid, the location of access roads and the infrastructure within the wind farm itself.

4. Planning permission

Each country has its own specific legislation, in accordance with which we conduct an environmental impact assessment, commission the necessary analyses and surveys. Once we have received these expert reports, we can begin the planning permission process, which we follow through until the final authorisation has been granted.

5. Construction and installation

As a general contractor, we are responsible for coordinating the construction phase of the wind farm and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We are the first point of call for local authorities, landowners and companies involved in construction of the park. Once again, we make a point of awarding contracts to local companies.

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