Solar Energy

Our fields of expertise

Agri Photovoltaik

Using synergies of two sectors with agri-photovoltaics: sustainable food and energy production on one
agricultural area

Floating Photovoltaik

High-efficiency photovoltaic systems on unused water surfaces

Freiflächen Photovoltaik

Certified processes guarantee high quality – and high yields

Our fields of expertise

Agri - Photovoltaik
Mit Agri-PV Synergien zweier Sektoren nutzen: nachhaltige Nahrungsmittel- und Energieproduktion auf einer Agrarfläche
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Floating - Photovoltaik
Hocheffiziente PV-Anlagen auf ungenutzten Wasserflächen
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Freiflächen - Photovoltaik
Zertifizierte Abläufe garantieren hohe Qualität – und hohe Erträge
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More than a photovoltaic system – together we develop your energy concept.

We find the right solution for your energy / heat requirements and actively support you in reducing your CO2-emissions and your energy costs. Our portfolio ranges from major photovoltaic projects to customised energy solutions for your company.

1. Finding a site

We conduct an analysis of your site in terms of its technical and economic potential for renewable energy.

2. Detailed planning

This is the moment when the following decisions need to be made:Which type of turbine should be used? What is the best site for the solar panels? How will the cables be routed so that the electricity generated can be transported? Which access roads will be required? What is the best design for the solar park’s internal infrastructure? These decisions will be made based on the meteorological conditions, the restrictions of the terrain and technicalfeasibility.

3. Planning permission

Each country has its own specific legislation, in accordance with which we conduct an environmental impact assessment, commission the necessary analyses and surveys. Once we have received these expert reports, we can begin the planning permission process, which we follow through until the final authorisation has been granted.

4. Construction and installation

As a general contractor, we are responsible for coordinating the construction phase of the wind farm and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We are the first point of call for local authorities, landowners and companies involved in construction of the park. Once again, we make a point of awarding contracts to local companies.

We are looking forward to your inquiry

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