Technical Management

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Our project partners can also rely on our expertise as technical operations managers

In addition to regular maintenance carried out by the turbine manufacturers, our frequent inspections, regular reports, on-site turbine servicing and planned maintenance schedules enable the wind turbines to operate at maximum efficiency and profitability.

In order to achieve optimum yields, we will be pleased to support you in the technical management of your plant, even during its service life

1. Monitoring

Continuous surveillance is conducted using remote maintenance software, which enables the current operating status of each individual turbine to be monitored in the control centre. Working with a locally-based turbine supervisor, we ensure the quickest reaction time in the event of downtime, due to lightning, storms, icing or damage to the power cable, for example. This enables us to implement the necessary troubleshooting measures immediately.

2. Servicing

Regular visual inspections guarantee the reliable operation of the turbines. We can react to potential causes of defects early on, therefore preventing possible consequential damage and/or reduce downtime.

3. Who to contact

We make it our mission to ensure that wind turbines operate as smoothly as possible. This is why we serve, as the operator, as a communication hub between landowners, energy supply companies and the wind farm owner once the farm is in operation.

4. Reporting

Comprehensive statistical reports detailing yield, uptime and performance of the turbines provide our customers with all the essential economic and technical indicators that they need

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