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Installation of a cable route and connection to the grid

During the third construction phase, the wind turbines were connected to the grid while the turbines were being assembled. The ground was then ploughed for the cable route, cables were laid at a depth of around 80–100 cm and closed in again immediately with soil. Special vehicles were used to carry out these steps fully automatically, which prevented minimum disturbance of the surrounding landscape. Although the turf finishes up slightly higher, this settles back after about six months leaving no trace of any disturbance. While assembly work was being carried out, the cable systems (one system serves as a replacement in case the other is damaged and fails) were connected to the Mürzzuschlag substation, as well as the ring connection cable around the wind farm. The 10-kilometre-long cable runs along a carefully determined route, connecting the energy generated to the public grid at Mürzzuschlag substation.
The wind turbine’s transformer zoom