ECOwind sells wind power plants in Lavanttal to Kelag

Kelag is acquiring eight wind turbines on the Steinberger Alpe and near Lavamünd in Lavanttal/Carinthia, which have been in operation since the summer of 2022. These wind turbines have a total capacity of around 26 MW and an expected annual production of around 60 million kilowatt hours of electricity, which corresponds to the average annual demand of around 17,000 households.

“We are pleased to sell the wind project “Steinberger Alpe and Soboth” to our long-term partner Kelag,” comments Johann Janker, Managing Director of ECOwind. “Austria wants to supply itself with 100 percent of its own green electricity by 2030 and is thus one of the pioneers in Europe. With this and future projects, we want to contribute to achieving these climate goals.”

You can read more details about the sale here.

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