Orange the world

Stop violence against women and girls!

The office building of the AAG holding and ECOwind solar and wind energy is lighted in orange between 25 November and 10 December 2020 to set an example against violence against women and girls. The managing director Johann Janker hopes that the orange illuminated wind turbine will be seen particularly far in the coming nights and thus reach many people with this message.

We participate in the campaign “Orange the world” of UN Women. The orange lights are intended to make it visible that violence against women and girls actually takes place. Among other things, this colour stands for freedom and energy and is meant to symbolically strengthen the backs of those affected.

If you are affected by violence, or know someone who is, the Women′s Helpline against Violence (0043 0800 222 555) offers free and anonymous counselling. You can also find further information on the website of the Ministry of Women, Family and Youth

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