We save jobs for the region!

Throughout Austria, we are expanding in the field of photovoltaics. For this purpose, we are now creating resources of personnel and space. Together with the AAG Holding GmbH, we are securing 10 additional jobs for the region with an office building in Kilb. The ground-breaking ceremony took place under corona measures on 29.10.2020. The completion of this major project is scheduled for May 2021. During the planning process great importance was attached to the cooperation with companies in the region. 70% of the participating companies are local, originating from Kilb and its surroundings.

From left to right: BM Ing. Stefan Kerndler, BM Ing. Franz Kerndler, Martin Zehetner/ Fa. Sandler Bau, Ing. Andreas Trauner, Mag. Thomas Tauber/ Tauber Architectural Office, Herta Janker/ AAG Holding, BGM Manfred Roitner/ Kilb Community, Cora Alfery/ Hager Holzbau, Johann Janker/ AAG Holding

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