Steirischer Obstbautag in Haidegg: Benefits of Agri-Photovoltaics presented

This year the Steirische Obstbautag took place at the Haidegg Experimental Station for Fruit Growing and Viticulture near Graz. In the context of fruit cultivation, the numerous visitors were offered a varied program with expert lectures, tastings of new apple varieties and guided tours.

One topic of the program was Agri-Photovoltaics (Agri-PV). In 30-minute intervals, Benedikt Kammerstätter, Project management ECOwind, presented the most important facts and advantages of the Agri-PV system in Haidegg and the first fruit growth results.

Afterwards, the visitors had a detailed on-site insight during the guided tour of the PV system by Mario Schantl, Projecting ECOwind. 

The event was organised and held by the Verband Steirischer Erwerbsobstbauern, the umbrella organisation of the Steirische Obstwirtschaft.

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