Network meeting of Styrian Climate Alliance

On 5 October, the network meeting of the Styrian Climate Alliance took place in Haidegg near Graz. One of the highlights of the network meeting was the guided tour through the Agri-Photovoltaic plant (Agri-PV) of the experimental station for fruit and viticulture.

“The network meeting impressively showed the difficult conditions under which people in other parts of the world have to work to achieve our prosperity. With Agri-PV, we have the opportunity to supply small farms with low-cost energy on the one hand, and on the other hand, to make the emerging energy system in these countries ecologically compatible from the very beginning,” says Ernst Schweighofer, project developer at ECOwind.

Focus on Agri-PV plant in Haidegg

More information about the network meeting can be found on the website of Klimabündnis Österreich:

The following video shows the construction of the Agri-PV plant:

Facts and details about the project can be found on our website under references:

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