PV-Kongress 2023: Floating-PV in the spotlight

Under the motto “Die Zukunft will gestaltet werden”, innovative PV topics as well as extraordinary projects were presented at this year’s PV-Kongress in Vienna. One of these projects was the floating-PV system in Grafenwörth

As an exhibitor at the Marketplace of Innovations, we presented the PV system to a broad audience and shared our experience and expertise in floating-PV with visitors in numerous discussions.


At the latest after the presentation of our managing director Johann Janker and Peter Stelzer, managing director of EVN-ECOWIND Stromerzeugungs GmbH, in the thematic block LandSchaf(f)t Energie, the floating-PV project in Grafenwörth was known to many visitors.

The congress at the Allianz Stadium was sold out with 400 participants on-site and another 150 people via live stream. The topics ranged from PV jour fixe to in-depth insights into the electricity grid and aspects of ground-mounted PV.

More details about the congress can be found here.

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